CSL Annual General Meeting

The CSL Annual General Meeting is on November 27, 2021 at 11:00 am and will be on a Zoom Meeting.

Information with the link to attend will be sent closer to November 27. 

A reminder that your club needs to be in good standing (all fees and fines paid) in order to be able to vote. The outstanding amounts need to be cleared up 2 days prior to the Annual General Meeting. 

The CSL allows for proxy voting. Each person may hold 2 proxy votes; however, the proxies need to be registered with the CSL 2 days prior to the Annual General Meeting. Registration of proxy votes is to include an official statement from the club as to who will exercise the proxy and for what specific purpose (general voting by show of hands or by secret ballot, or both). 

Nominations for board positions must be submitted to the CSL by no later than midnight on November 6, 2021 (21 days prior to the Annual General Meeting). Once nominations are closed, the CSL will post the list of candidates for each open position. 

The open positions and length of term are as follows: 

For a 3 year term: Referee In Chief, Cup Chair


The following proposed changes to CSL Rights and Responsibilities have been proposed by the CSL Executive.

8C- Change Date to July 31 and remove the Exception
8D- Change Date to July 31.
8E- Change Date to July 31 AND Add after Roster “or registered to club”

9A4- Remove

9A5- Remove

9A8- Add- Please note OPDL Subrostered players are eligible to be used as callups.

Renumber 9A after changes.

9B- Change Date to July 31

13G- Remove reference to U13-U17 callup maximums and U18 callup maximums.

Rationale: There will be one registration deadline date for all players.  This past year we had unlimited callups both in regards to numbers allowed for a game and numbers allowed to be used over the season.  We want to continue with this trend.  OPDL Sub-rostered players is an existing OS rule.

If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch.

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