CSL League Update March 23, 2021

To All CSL Members

We have been approached by many teams and clubs looking for a plan for the 2021 season and what the summer might hold.  Nobody has the answers, but the CSL Executive has met numerous times over the past month.  Below is the plan for the 2021 season and the assumptions we have used to make this plan.

CSL will be planning a start date of May 31, and there will be travel allowed through districts.  Teams will be placed in bubbles of two teams (some cases three), and you will play a home and away with this team in one week.  Teams will then face a 14 day quarantine period. 

For the U18 Boys/Girls divisions, if we are forced to start later, then we will approach teams to confirm participation as we know teams will lose players to College/University.

Rosters can remain at 20; however, each game week, you must stick with 18.  There will be no callups.  New players can be rostered on any date. However, new players cannot play for 14 days from the date rostered.  OS rosters to be submitted to the league before the first game.  E2E teams to be activated May 1.


Any competition that the CSL organizes will be in line with all Public Health regulations and OS Return to Play Policy. 

August 1 will be the last viable start date for an entire season.  The CSL will explore other alternative competitive options at this point.  If we cannot provide a viable competition, you will receive a full refund of your 2021 League Fee.

Start Dates:
May 31- U18 Boys, U18 Girls, U16/17 Girls, U14 Boys
June 7- U14 Girls, U13 Boys, U15 Boys, U16 Boys
June 14- U17 Boys, U13 Girls, U15 Girls

On Behalf of the CSL Executive Committee


Rob Gillies, President

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