2020 CSL Update

On behalf of the CSL Executive I hope that everyone is keeping well during this difficult time.  We are all eager to get the season started although it is highly unlikely that this will happen before July as fields will be not permitted in Toronto until the end of June.  I would assume that this would also be the case for other municipalities within the Central Region.


In light of the situation, the CSL has developed a plan beginning the season if and when this takes place. Rest assured that the CSL will do everything possible so that our approximately 3000+ players will get to play this season.  There are several issues that will have to be dealt with in order to have games taking place.  We are prepared to be flexible in terms of some rules and timelines which will be explained later when we get the go ahead to play from Ontario Soccer.  However it goes without saying that players must be properly registered before playing.


As far as scheduling is concerned, teams will be looking at playing weekend as well as weekday games.  The scheduling will be very tight.  We are also looking at playing into October based on the availability of fields that would mostly be turf.

Each division presents its own scheduling challenges, none moreso than our U18 divisions which must be wrapped up by mid August at the latest as many of our players are off to University.   As a result, these divisions will consist of playing each opponent once and for these divisions we will keep the CSL Cup so each U18 team will get 7-10 games.


For all other divisions there will be no CSL Cup this year.


The CSL is hoping to extend the season into October.  We are aware that grass fields usually close by the end of September.  When applying for permits it would be hopeful if as many turf fields can be permitted into October.


The U13 Boys Division is very large as it consists of 20 teams.  We will split them into 2 groups with the Top 4 from each group advancing to a crossover Quarterfinal Round.  This will be followed by a Semifinal Round and a Final to determine the League Champion.


For all other divisions teams will play each other once as we would do during a normal season.  If for some reason we are unable to complete the season, standings will be based on Point Percentage as all teams may not have played the same amount of games.


We are asking for your patience and understanding as we work through a difficult situation.  If we end up kicking-off later then the beginning of July we will have to revise our plans and possibly consider a tournament format.  We will deal with this if this is to happen.


There have been some other issues that have been brought to our attention.  Many coaches at the U13 and U14 Standards Based divisions have registered for C License and Prerequisite qualifying courses that have been cancelled.  If you have already signed up for a course and it has been cancelled then you will be required to submit a copy of your course acceptance and complete the course after the season when it is available.


Some clubs have brought to our attention that they are having difficulties with uniforms that are coming from overseas.  If this is an issue feel free to use pinnies or older practice uniforms.  This only thing that we insist is that you use tape to make sure each player has a different number.


This has been a difficult time.  I hope that in the near future we will see each other at the field.  In the meantime stay safe.


On Behalf of the CSL Executive Committee.

Rob Gillies

CSL President.

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