Boys Under 14

1DCFC Academy B1414130170145639
2FC Emery B1414120246242236
3The Scarborough Academy B14149143223928
4Olympic Flame B14145363430418
5CTSA Jarvis B14145272642-1617
6East York B14143292138-1711
7Greater Sudbury B14143291942-2311
8Armour Heights B14R1402121449-352

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1Armaan PATELDCFC Academy B1417
2Emmanuel ANKOMAHFC Emery B1414
3Thomas MAUROThe Scarborough Academy B1412
4Dion KYPREOSOlympic Flame B1411
5Joshua DIASDCFC Academy B1411
6Luca ALBISDCFC Academy B1411
7Jacob KLAUDELDCFC Academy B1410
8Nicolas PAREDESFC Emery B1410
9Aathavan SURESHCTSA Jarvis B149
10Anushan KIDNAPILAICTSA Jarvis B149

#PlayerTeam NameShutouts
1Steffen NEZICDCFC Academy B147
2Mirlind DISHNICAThe Scarborough Academy B144
3Kevin STIPOFC Emery B143
4Aathavan SURESHCTSA Jarvis B141
5Aathavan SURESHCTSA Jarvis B141
6Alessandro MORETTAGreater Sudbury B141
7Alexander LOUKIDISOlympic Flame B141
8David GonzalezDCFC Academy B141
9Michael STERGIOUOlympic Flame B141
10Tony LIOLIOSOlympic Flame B141

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Boys Under 17
Olympic Flam4 - 0 FC Emery


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